Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What's Your Number? Screening

Thanks again to the wonderful folk at LOVEFiLM, tomorrow I'm going to a screening of the uber-conventional looking rom-com starring Anna Faris, What's Your Number? Check the trailer here:

It will be followed by a Q&A with Anna Faris which is definitely the highlight of the evening. A chance to inquire about the crudest joke in the Scary Movie franchise? Perhaps I could ask about the delights of working with Rob Schneider on The Hot Chick. Her co-stars in this latest film include Martin Freeman (the new Bilbo Baggins!) and Chris Evans (he's only Captain America!). Maybe I could ask about them?

I think Anna Faris is a very talented comic actress and would love to see her tackle a serious role. She's always given it her all in the 'Scary Movies' and was also very likeable in 'Friends' but actors in comedies often have so much more to give than their knack for splitting sides. Perhaps I'll see if she's got any plans to go for awards one day.

But her upcoming project I'm most excited about is The Dictator. Starring Sacha Baron Cohen and apparently loosely based on a book by Saddam Hussein, this should be huge if director Larry Charles can keep the Borat/Bruno magic alive! So I'll probably see if Ms Faris can spill any beans on that. Here's hoping I even get to ask her a question. Wish me luck!

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