Saturday, 1 December 2012

Results for the Best Found Footage Film

A while back I asked you to vote for your favourite found footage movies. You can see the results in full here. There were exactly 80 votes in total so a massive thanks to everybody who voted!  I know it's an unpopular sub-genre but people mostly seem to like a few of these so I gave all voters the chance of picking their top 3.

Diary of the Dead, The Last Broadcast, The Magician and The Last Horror Movie were the big losers racking up an impressive zero votes each. The Last Horror Movie is quite a good little British horror and I suspect not a lot of people have seen it. The Magician is like an Australian version of Man Bites Dog and I imagine this is again little seen. Diary of the Dead is Romero's attempt at found footage and has some interesting moments but overall is nothing compared to his original 'Dead' trilogy. The Last Broadcast is the film that came out the same year as Blair Witch but ultimately got forgotten by history.

Zero Day (one of my favourites), The Last Exorcism, Project X and Grave Encounters all got one vote. I haven't seen Project X and am curious despite the hostility I heard towards it. Grave Encounters went on a little long and lost its way but had some effective scares and has a great set up. Zero Day is excellent but needs to be seen by a wider audience.

Quarantine, the American remake of Rec, just beat Rec 2 and Man Bites Dog by getting 3 votes to their 2 votes each. Paranormal Activity just beat the daddy of found footage Cannibal Holocaust with 5 votes to 4. Rec towered above all of these with 9 votes.

For the most part, it looked like there might be a tie between Chronicle, Cloverfield, Troll Hunter and Blair Witch. Eventually however Troll Hunter failed to compete and fell behind ending up with 11 votes. Blair Witch and Chronicle pulled ahead with 13 votes but Matt Reeves' New York trashing monster managed to pip all the competition by taking home 14 votes and is therefore the overall winner!

So there you have it. Cloverfield is officially the greatest found footage film ever (as voted for by 80 people). Let's hope they get round to making an equally as thrilling sequel or prequel one day without tarnishing the original. Or maybe they should just leave it alone?

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