Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Letter in Empire Magazine

Were actor Donald Sutherland and graphic novelist Alan Moore twins separated at birth? That is the question I posed in my latest letter to make the hallowed letters page of world's greatest film magazine Empire. Below is the letter in full and to my surprise it was published in the March issue 2013.

Dear Empire,

I had to read your exclusive interview with Alan Moore very carefully to check I wasn't missing the part about Donald Sutherland playing Moore in an Oscar-baiting biopic of the graphic novelist. Lurking beneath that awesome beard is Sutherland's haunted eyes from Don't Look Now. Seriously go and look... see? Either that or The Hunger Games' President Snow has let himself go a bit.

Sorry about the blurry picture. As usual you can blame my trusty Blackberry camera. Anyway the letter appearing made me very happy! It's all part of an elaborate ploy for them to start noticing me and maybe my name will stick in their heads and one day they will be on my doorstep, bunch of flowers in hand, begging... yes that's right BEGGING me to come and write stuff for them! Mwoohahahahahahaha! Since I started writing to Empire and Total Film each month, this is the third letter I've got in the magazines. This was the first letter I got in Empire and this is the first letter I got in Total Film.

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