Monday, 22 September 2014

Covering the London Film Festival: In Darkness We Fall Trailer and Review

I've been given the incredible privilege of covering the London Film Festival 2014 for Starburst Magazine. Even though the festival does not start until October 8th, there are many press screenings going on from now until then. I'll be going up to London to pick up my press badge today and then it's straight off for my first film of the festival: In Darkness We Fall.

This is a Spanish found footage horror set on the island of Formentera. Here is the synopsis:

On their second day on Formentera, five friends discover a hidden cave nestled into the side of a
cliff and decide to go in and explore it. Filled with excitement and adrenalin, the friends start
to make their way through the countless passageways that make up the cave. Before long,
they realise they are lost. They try for hours to find the way back to the surface, but to no
avail. They are trapped inside the cave’s huge labyrinth. Eventually they decide to spend the
night inside the cave and start searching again the next day, once they’ve had some rest.

But days go by and they are unable to find their way out. Panic is starting to set in. They have
no way of communicating with the outside world and no food or water. They’re not going to
last much longer if they don’t find the way out soon. Faced with what seems like impending
death, the friends are forced to take a drastic decision. As far as they´re concerned, there’s
only one way to survive…

Here is the trailer and here is my review of the film for Starburst Magazine:

What do you think?

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