Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Uwe Boll Talks Retarded Wizards in Forests

Man I hope Uwe Boll loves golf. It seems the director is at least quitting Crowdfunding and at best, quite possibly quitting filmmaking altogether. I think I've only seen one of his movies so it doesn't bother me whether he quits making films or not, but I love this video.

After his campaign to get Rampage 3 crowdfunded didn't work out, he took to YouTube to deliver a massage to us all.

Never mind the fact that I'd never heard of Rampage 1 or 2, Uwe Boll has just gone up in my estimation after seeing this video.

I'm sure he's not as bad a filmmaker as everyone says either. He's clearly got a wonderful sense of humour, as evidenced in this video where he says we should all go fuck ourselves and then hints that he will be retiring to play more golf. Fair play to him.

Uwe you've earned it. Go kick back. Forget about Marvel and retarded wizards in forests. Forget about Rampage 3 or whatever old shite you were trying to get kickstarted. Nobody wants it, so why get worked up about it? Get out your clubs, polish your balls and head out on the fairways.

Maybe you could even do a bit more part time vlogging please?

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