Sunday, 23 August 2015

New series: This is England 90 Gets Air Date, Poster, Trailer

The definition of mixed emotions? The joy of seeing the This is England cast reunited at the same time as knowing things are going to get mighty bleak for them. It's been a four year wait since This is England 88 screened in December 2011. We've had four years to prepare for the fact that Shane Meadows is bringing his intimate drama to an end with This is England 90.

But you know what, never say never. I still reckon there might be more from Woody, Lol, Shaun, Combo, Gadget and the gang. More pressingly though, the cast have to make it through TIE90 before we can even begin to think about talking about further spin off sequels to the original This is England.

Meadows mentioned way, way back that that in 1990, the Madchester scene was underway and everyone was getting into ecstasy. It wouldn't be This is England though if they all just ended up hugging one another, having random in-depth conversations with strangers as if they are best mates and the worst thing that happened to any of them was a 24 hour comedown. No Meadows, stated 'I'd seen a lot of friends get into heroin off the back of that, so in a kind of way, Shaun's journey, if there is to be a second series, will continue in 1990.'  

Does this mean Shaun becomes a junkie? I bloody hope not. Still, it can't possibly get more harrowing than the racism and sexual abuse of previous installments of the series.

Even though Combo, Wood and Lol are all back, it looks very much like the focus on squarely on the younger characters this time round. Digital Spy asked Meadows about the themes of TIE 90 and he gave a great little insight into what the characters will be up to when we see them this time around. "The younger members of the crew, it becomes their time. In This Is England '90 it becomes about Shaun (Thomas Turgoose) and Kelly (Chanel Cresswell) and Trev (Danielle Watson) and Gadget (Andrew Ellis) actually getting into the Roses and getting into that scene and going clubbing and going raving and all of that. They sort of go off on that journey. Combo comes out of prison, he's served his time for manslaughter, and actually starts working in the community and the rehabilitation of his character begins. Woody and Milky set up a scooter shop. Woody finally gets out of that awful Mr Squire's factory that he's been working at, and him and Milky become really strong again. Everyone starts to do slightly separate things, but it's still got that beautiful unity that the others have all had. So, I've got the stories all lined up in my head, but I just need to get them down on paper."

Here's the trailer:

It all kicks off on September 13th on Channel 4.

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