Monday, 20 August 2012

The Honeymoon Is Over

Welcome back!  I Love That Film is back with a vengeance.  After a beautiful wedding and amazing honeymoon in Costa Rica, I have returned ready to write and also ready to immerse myself into the world of film.

But first, for those who may be interested, here is a picture of the happy couple.  And we are very happy.... still!  It was a perfect day and we are truly blessed to have the most wonderful family and friends, not to mention the most beautiful weather!


Now I know this is nothing to do with film yet and I promise I'll get to that stuff soon but I just want to share a few wildlife photos from our trip round Costa Rica.  I highly recommend this place, especially if you love animals, rainforests, beaches, sun, nice people and great food!

Here's some of my favourite wildlife pictures from our honeymoon:

Howler monkey chilling in tree by the side of the road! 

Toucan play hide and seek.
This snake apparently gives you 2 hours to live.
Epic waterfall.
The 'blue jean' frog.  Poisonous AND tiny!
Tree frog
The second prettiest frog
The coolest frog ever.
Croc or alligator?
More where that came from!
Iggy Pop
Squirrel monkey!
Pretty lizard
Baby sloth
Hanging with a sloth
More monkeys!
Jurassic Park but small
Ginger monkey!
Right anyway that's enough of that!  I'll be back with something more movie related tomorrow including thoughts on the three books I read on holiday and the three films I watched on the flight home.

And before I go today I have to say RIP to director Tony Scott.  Loved his 80s and early 90s films.

The Last Boy Scout.

Top Gun.

True Romance.

Beverly Hills Cop 2.

Horrible to hear this tragic news.

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