Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Film News Stories

In the same way that I'd like to keep an online record of all my interviews that I am conducting for Filmoria, I would also like to keep tabs on the news stories I contribute so I'm going to start now by creating a list and adding to it as time goes on.

News stories are fun, quick and a real test of your ability to come up with something fresh to say about a poster, trailer or a new still from a film when you know that other sites have already had a pop at the story.

Writing for Filmoria has taught me to use sources and to always credit the source.  This is good practice and helps people to head back to the sites that break the stories first.  Sometimes it seems silly to contribute a news piece on something you know has already been covered by other sites but as I love writing about film, this is rarely the case.  I've usually got something new to add when I cover the story... I say new rather than interesting but you be the judge!

Here are my news articles for Filmoria:

Made of Stone Poster

Rebellion Poster and Images

Rebellion Trailer

Spring Breakers Posters

Saoirse Ronan Joins How to Catch a Monster

Die Hard 6 Looks Likely

Entourage Movie Green Lit

The Sweeney Publicity Stunt

Before Midnight New Stills

New Warm Bodies Poster

Gremlins Reboot Rumours

A Good Day to Die Hard R rated

The Last Exorcism Part 2 Poster

Berberian Sound Studio Wins at BIFA's

Filmoria on the Radio

Rise of the Guardians Magical Funland

New The Impossible TV Spot

Star Wars: Episode VII Director

More Dark Knight Rises Bonus Material

The Dark Knight Rises Bonus Features

Independence Day 3D

Keep an eye out for more news stories at Filmoria.

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