Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Interviews @ Filmoria

I have been doing most of my writing for Filmoria recently and this has given me all sorts of new and amazing opportunities.  I now get sent to screenings and get sent DVD and Blu-ray screeners to view at home and review.  It means that I've had to cut back massively on posts for I Love That Film but I hope that some of you may still follow the links over to Filmoria for the pieces that interest you!

Juggling writing for three websites, maintaining this here blog and continuing with part time teaching and PhD is getting hectic.  At least I don't have kids yet!  I'm desperately hoping to find a way to get paid for writing about film so that one day I can cut right down on the teaching!

Anyway today I thought I would share the interviews I have done for Filmoria over the past three months.  I have to say interviewing these people has been one of the most nerve wracking parts of the job but also without a doubt the most exciting!  It's fascinating talking to the people behind the films and I hope to get many more interviewing opportunities in the future.

It feels like I have had a great range of interview experiences so far.  The first one was a roundtable interview that other film writers were present for.  This was very daunting as everyone was more experienced than me and it was my first time even using a recorder.  The second was at a gala screening and I was in a press pit fighting for the attention of celebrities with other journalists.  The third one was face to face, just me and the director and was a piece of cake and finally I did an interview with Susan Blackwell over Skype.  Next I hope to get the opportunity to conduct a video interview.  That would be cool (and save me transcribing)!

So it has been a hugely interesting and exciting few months with a real range of opportunities.  I'm really looking forward to getting the chance to tackle more interviews, though I was also quick to learn how long they take to transcribe!

For the time being, here are the Filmoria interviews so far:

Mathieu Kassovitz, director and star of Rebellion

Denzel Washington, Robert Zemeckis and the producers of Flight on the red carpet

The Baytown Outlaws Writer Griffin Hood

Untouchable Directors Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano Interview

Paranormal Activity 4 Gala Screening: Katie Featherston Interview

Hello Quo Director Alan G. Parker Interview

Margin Call Interview – Susan Blackwell Means Business

Who is the coolest person you have interviewed?

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