Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Looper Joins Marketing Overload Trend

Firstly who is getting annoyed with trailers for trailers?  Weirdly I'm not.  When it comes to movies I really can't get enough of the marketing.  So as long as they don't show all the best jokes, tell the whole story or ruin the ending, they can advertise as much as they damn well like.

Which is exactly what Prometheus, Total Recall and now Looper are doing.  Trailer previews or trailers for trailers are becoming the next big thing.  Just another way to get us movie fans slobbering.  I particularly enjoyed the way the Total Recall one puts up epic titles saying... 'Get Ready'.... more flashes of images.... 'For the Premiere'... more epic imagery.... 'of the trailer' (sounds of audience groaning).  Oh is that it?

So anyway whether you like them or not, here's the trailer preview for Rian Johnson's Looper which I'm intensely excited about.  It was one of my most anticipated for 2012 and just one of the many new films featuring the talents of the mighty Bruce Willis and the incredibly likeable Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Here's some more images from the film if you haven't seen them.  It seems they're trying to 'Brucify' Gordon-Levitt somehow.  I can't quite put my finger on it (maybe they've done something to his mouth?) but seeing as they seem to be playing the same character in this time travel science fiction actioner, it makes the film look even more interesting.  I read somewhere JGL has even been studying Willis's voice in Sin City so I'm very keen to see one of my favourite up-and-comers tackling an impersonation of the legend that was/is John McClane.  And every picture has guns in it.  And guns in movies are cool.

1 Gun
Finger gun

2 Guns
Willis don't need a gun
JGL does

 It's got time travel, Bruce Willis and JGL and it's directed by the guy that gave us Brick.  I'm hoping it lives up to that last statement.  What do you think?  More or less excited about this now?