Saturday, 21 April 2012

I Love That Blog Post #2

Happy weekend everybody!  Just in case you need a little extra reading for the weekend, here's just a few blog posts I really enjoyed from the past week!  Please enjoy!

A surprisingly short list of people from the film world who have made it onto Time’s top 100 most influential people list courtesy of I Luv Cinema
Ruth and Ted are playing the ‘next Bond’ guessing game over at Flixchatter

The debate about cinema etiquette gets a kick in the backside from the team at Front Room Cinema.  This latest on food and drink struck a particular chord with me.

Asrap looks at retro superhero movies...  I had no idea there were this many!

Comparing the Cabin in the Woods and The Hunger Games... a very interesting article

Bonjour Tristesse gives an overview of the films competing for the Palme D’Or this year at Cannes.