Thursday, 26 April 2012

Salivating for Sequels: Top Gun and Chucky

A sequel to Top Gun?  A remake and a sequel of Child's Play?  Today is my lucky day.

Completely hetrosexual
No I'm not making it up.  Over 25 years after the original gave us an awesome soundtrack, topless men all greased up and playing volleyball on the beach to a song called 'Playing with the Boys', Tom Cruise riding a motorbike and flying the crap out of super speedy jets, fretting about his Dad, shagging Kelly McGillis in an impossibly blue, slow and sexy, sex scene, Goose getting an all time great death and some karaoke lovin' feelin losin comes this news:

'in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount executive Adam Goodman has confirmed that Top Gun 2 is in pre-production'

Well it's about time.  The US Navy needs another big, dumb, cinematic recruitment advert.  Hmmm.  Shame Tony Scott's back.  I wish he could dial back that attention deficit editing.  The writer of Bad Boys 2 is involved which suggests extremely dumb but fun action scenes that will... wait for it... TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY!  I hope Val Kilmer can make an appearance.  And the ghost of Goose.  Heck why not?

Wanna play?
 Then I hear (two weeks after the news breaks but better late than never) Chucky from Child's Play is going to be back!  Now if this was just another sequel I would be concerned after the attempted horror comedies of Bride and Seed of Chucky.  But I still hold the original Child's Play trilogy in high regard.  I loved those movies as a kid so it pleases me to hear:

'original creators Don Mancini and David Kirschner are cooking up a remake that will stray from the more satiric leanings of recent sequels - the last one featured John Waters, after all – and go for "a darker and scarier retelling of the original film, but one that will offer new twists and turns."'

Still terrifying?
However then I read over at Total Film:

'This new episode in the long-running franchise will be titled Revenge Of Chucky, and will again focus on the killer doll's immediate family, in a similar vein to Bride Of Chucky and Seed Of Chucky.

As for the remake, Dourif indicated that original writer Don Mancini is still working on  script, with the theme thought to be a lot lighter and comedic than the original.'

Well I hope they're wrong about the remake.  I want to see Child's Play back to it's dark roots.  I know it seems silly and ripe for comedic treatment but to me Chucky is still a little psycho and a terrifying alternative to Woody and Buzz coming alive when you're not watching.

What do you think readers? Does this news spell the end of the world or are you as excited as I am?