Monday, 25 June 2012

The Big Blogging Question

Hi everybody, I trust you all had splendid weekends?  If you are Italian, congratulations, if you are a Brit, commiserations.  If you couldn't care less about football or come from somewhere you call it soccer, then please ignore all this!

Anyway I have one big question today...

Blogger or Wordpress?

Please bare in mind I'm useless with computers so I need simplicity.  As much as I love the look of many Wordpress sites, is it harder to use?

And if I don't have the design skills of say Sati at Cinematic Corner, then should I just forget a good looking blog?

Does anyone know the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Will I lose traffic by switching?  Will you stick with me? 

Should I change my bloody silly simple name while I'm at it?

Are there downsides to Wordpress?

How do most people subscribe to blogs?  I do by email but I'm sure there are other better ways like RSS and all that sort of stuff? 

Sorry that's a lot of questions.  Please feel free to answer any you can!  Your advice is appreciated!  Have a nice week!