Wednesday, 13 March 2013

VHS Cassettes and UFO's

What do VHS tapes and UFO's have in common? Well I have no idea but I've been writing about both of them over at Yahoo so I thought I'd let you know about both articles in one post.

Firstly seeing as this is a film blog I'll tell you about the piece I wrote for Yahoo about my VHS collection. They wanted articles about people's biggest money regrets so the only thing I could think of was my huge collection of VHS tapes. I worked at Blockbuster for 7 years and as DVD's were slowly taking over from VHS, I was determined not to get sucked into the new technology and instead was thinking how freaking smart I was by picking up all these ludicrously cheap VHS tapes. My film collection was huge and constantly growing. Anyway then my video player broke and DVD players had become so cheap that I had to jump on the DVD bandwagon.

For more about my VHS woes, head over to Yahoo to check out my artcle titled:

Spending £2000 on VHS cassettes has left me with a loft full of worthless boxes

Then Yahoo were looking for true life stories from people who had seen UFO's. Before all the crazies came out of the woodwork, I thought I'd get in first and share an experience I had when I was in my teens and me and my friends saw a floating pink orb one night. That article is cleverly titled:

Do aliens fly floating pink orbs?

I have no explanation for what happened that night but would love it if anyone could offer any theories.Have you ever seen a UFO? It sounds like everyone has a story so what is yours? I'd love to hear it!

Also I'm curious about other film fans' collections? Has anyone else got boxes or lofts full of videos still? You know they won't even take them in charity shops now? I couldn't even get 10p per video at a grage sale I went to once! 

I've learned my lesson anyway and I try not to buy too many films anymore. I'm sure the technology will just keep changing and I can't afford to keep up. That's why I love Lovefilm and renting. Anyone else given up on buying films?

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