Monday, 25 March 2013

Box Office Reporter for Tastic Film

I have just been given the proud title of Box Office Reporter for the Tastic Film website. My first piece on what is big at the US Box Office in March 2013 is now online at Tastic Film here. It looks at the top 10 of the month and discusses what is big, what is making lots of money and what is profitable.

I met the guy that runs Tastic Film at the Flight premiere where we were both scrambling to get some words from the man of the moment Denzel Washington. Tastic Film also has a great YouTube channel full of red carpet reports and other bits and pieces so head over and check it out. It's also available in print and is likely going to expand across the pond to having writers from America on board.

I will be doing one or two box office reports every month for Tastic Film, mainly focusing on the US box office and the top 10 films of the month. Box Office Mojo is going to be my essential tool for gathering information on the biggest grossing films and their production budgets.

It is interesting to focus on the business side of things and particularly keeping an eye on what films do well at the box office, but more specifically which films become the most profitable. Some of the budgets on these films are astronomical and must be huge gambles for the Hollywood studios. This month for example Jack the Giant Slayer cost nearly $200 million and though its got some serious star and special effects power, surely it will have to be pretty damn popular to make a profit off a budget that huge.

Other big releases of the month include Oz the Great and Powerful, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone and The Last Exorcism Part 2 so head on over to Tastic Film and check out the biggest box office hits of the month.

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