Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Avatar Sequels and Next Bond Director

Recently I've been writing about all sorts of strange ponderings over at Filmoria including my thoughts on the Avatar sequels and who I'd like to see as the next Bond director. Click this link to check out my thoughts on James Cameron's Avatar sequels and why they are a step in the right direction for Hollywood in certain ways. To check out who I'd like to see as the director of the next Bond films, please click here.

Avatar is the biggest box office behemoth of all time and I'm curious as to why that is the case. Are we going to have a generation of Avatar fans who are as dedicated as Star Wars fans? Will James Cameron's sequels live up to the ludicrous expectations that fans of the first film will have? I remember reading on the release of the film that people were getting depressed and even semi-suicidal that they could not live their lives on Pandora. So immersive was the world Cameron created and so luscious was his 3D cinematography that fanatical fans were taking the whole cinema as escapism thing a bit far and walking out of the darkened theatre back into their real lives and feeling miserable.

I'd like to think that some of these fans found the environmental warnings of the film also very concerning and decided that we needed to make a change right here and right now on Planet Earth and start looking after the rainforests better and getting back to nature a bit more. Perhaps as they left the cinema and saw their decaying, dirty, polluted cities, they did indeed feel depressed at what this planet was becoming. If that is the case, then good on Mr Cameron for making people think twice about the destruction of our planet.

In completely different news, Sam Mendes stepped away from Bond after his huge success with Skyfall. I think it's a real shame but I'm sure there are plenty of others who are thinking that Mendes should get back to making sensible films about suburbs and repressed emotions and stuff. Skyfall was a truly awesome Bond film. I'm not the biggest fan of the franchise but this one had loads of great character stuff as well as some breathtaking action. Sam Mendes and Roger Deakins made it both beautiful and thrilling and I would have loved to see them have another go. However whoever takes the reigns now has seriously big boots to fill and I don't envy them!

What do you think about Avatar's success? Does it really deserve to be the biggest film of all time or do kids just have more money to spend on going to the cinema these days or what?

And who do you think should direct the next Bond film?

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