Thursday, 28 March 2013

Happy Easter: This is for Brodie!

Happy Easter everybody! I'd love to say I have a top 5 Easter moments in film for you but unfortunately I don't quite. However I do have a couple of memorable Easter Bunny moments for you instead. These little Easter eggs are actually more like an anti-Easter present I'm afraid. Don't let your kids watch!

I could have filled this post with religious ramblings and videos of Jesus going through some horrific stuff in Mel Gibson's torture porn Passion of the Christ, but I thought I'd take a slightly less disgusting route to wishing you a happy Easter.

First up is one of my all time favourite films. It has a special place in my heart as Mallrats was my introduction to Kevin Smith, Jay and Silent Bob and most of all the star of the film Jason Lee as Brodie. I love Brodie. Every line out of his mouth is hilarious but he's also a bit of a douche bag. He gets the crap beaten out of him by the asshole in the Fashionable Male shop (played by Ben Affleck) and then tells his mall rat buddies Jay and Bob that it was the guy in the Easter Bunny suit. It's despicable really that the poor Easter Bunny becomes an innocent victim here but still, watch the clip below for a bit of a laugh.

Later in the film, some children find Ethan Suplee staring at one of those weird Magic Eye things (remember them?) that I could never bloody do so I feel this guy's pain. When the kids out smart him, he lashes out and it is another lovely Easter Bunny moment for all those of you who aren't quite as taken by Easter as others.

Finally Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey popped into my head because I remember there being an evil Easter Bunny in it. It's really not very scary and more than a bit silly but it might bring back some fond memories for some of you who were Bill and Ted fans.

I'm off to go play chess with Death! Have a lovely Easter holidays and try not to eat too much chocolate. and if you're feeling religious then why not have a read of my latest article for Yahoo about why I still pray sometimes.

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