Saturday, 9 March 2013

Girl Guides, Smoking and Jogging

Sorry film fans, this is just another bit of self-promotion for some completely un-film-related stuff I've been writing over at Yahoo on my not very specialist subjects of the Girl Guides and smoking and jogging. Separate articles by the way! I'm sure the Girl Guides don't smoke!

The first article is all about why I think we shouldn't be getting kids to swear allegiance to God or the Queen or any other crap like that if they do not wish to. At the moment the Girl Guides have to do this when joining but they are looking into changing the pledge to reflect the modern world where not every kids believes in a God and certainly shouldn't be pledging anything to a woman who sits in a castle all day at the tax payer's expense. If you want to tackle benefits and the long term unemployed... start with her!

The second article is all about my personal experiences of overcoming bronchitis by stopping smoking and taking up jogging instead. Seems simple enough but I hope the story might be a bit inspirational to some who feel like they can't turn their life around a bit. I never used to be able to run a mile until I started running regularly and recently and now I've got my second half marathon next week!

Yahoo seem happy to publish most of the things I write for them, despite my not being an expert on anything. It is great because lots of people actually read the stuff that goes up on Yahoo and all it takes is a bit of research. I'm really enjoying their little assignments they send me and hope to continue.

The last three articles I wrote for Yahoo on teaching kids, fox culling and the NHS can all be found by clicking here.

The article on the girl guides is here.

The article on beating bronchitis is here.

Happy reading and feel free to let me know what you think about any of this stuff!

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