Sunday, 3 March 2013

Where Music Videos and Movies Meet

Another common purpose of music videos is to help sell a film that the song appears in. Here are some of my annoying, exciting and downright depressing examples:

Armageddon and Aerosmith: I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing

Love how this one takes on some special significance as lead singer Steven Tyler is effectively singing it to his daughter Liv Tyler who appears in the movie Armageddon. I also love the way the clips from the film are used with Aerosmith appearing on all the screens being watched by the characters. And the use of the rocket blast as an excuse to have the band having their hair blown dramatically around is cheesy genius! Liv Tyler crying over her father in the film played by Bruce Willis but actually replaced by her real father on the screen is the icing on the cake!

Ill Manors and Plan B: Ill Manors

This one is interesting not just because it is a bleak, violent and sensationalist look at modern British youth culture but also because although it is the title track from the film of the same name, it does not actually feature any footage from the film. Instead some of the actors/characters pop up in the music video and it is set in the same kind of locations as the film. It also deals with the same themes as the film with its look at disaffected youth running riot.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Bryan Adams: (Everything I Do) I Do It For You

This one stayed at number one in the pop charts for sixteen consecutive weeks back in 1991 which was a record. It no doubt helped that Robin Hood was also doing well at the box office, showing that a song and a film can help each other towards greater sales. I always enjoyed the video just for getting to see the little clips of the film but wasn't so much of a fan of the bits of Bryan Adams all dressed in denim with his own band of merry men playing in the woods.

Titanic and Celine Dion: My Heart will Go On

You can't keep a good ballad down and certainly not if it's featured in one of the biggest films in history. Not a big fan of the song or the video but it's great to see clips from the film. Celine Dion croons from the bow of the Titanic and beneath the stars but for me this video is just an opportunity to see Jack and Rose again!

Men In Black and Will Smith: Men in Black

A great example of synergy at work. Will Smith sings the song, stars in the movie and Sony produce both the film and the soundtrack meaning that one helps sell the other. Sony's music making division helps promote its film production and vice versa, meaning Sony get very rich from using different parts of their business to promote other parts. Simples! The music video uses the cast, locations, special effects, costumes and clips of the film, making it probably relatively cheap to produce.

TV does this too with The Rembrandts' music video for I'll Be There for You being a perfect example that helped to sell Friends as a brand new sit-com by featuring the stars of the show pratting about in a studio with the band.

There's many more examples. What are your best and worst?

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