Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Is it just me… or should Warner Bros forget a Batman reboot?

Is a Batman reboot really necessary... I mean ever? For my money, The Dark Knight Rises is the best comic book movie that will likely ever be made. Christopher Nolan’s final take on Batman and Bruce Wayne scaled dizzying heights of greatness with its grand, emotional and epic storytelling.

The entire Dark Knight trilogy was a miracle rebirth for a character that should have been all but forgotten after the 1995 disaster that was Batman and Robin. George Clooney’s nipples, Alicia Silverstone’s Batgirl and Schwarzenegger’s comical if he wasn’t so damn awful Mr Freeze all nailed Batman’s coffin shut for eight years.
Looking to the future

Nolan revived the franchise with a new direction, a new Batman and a very different vision from what had come before, whether from Tim Burton or Joel Schumacher. Batman Begins began a new trilogy but only in 2005 was this attempted after the wounds inflicted on Bat fans were finally starting to heal.

Whoever takes on the frankly silly task of topping Nolan’s trilogy is cruising for a bruising. It will take something seriously impressive to do justice to what Nolan, Bale and the rest of the crew and cast achieved over the past seven years.

Reports initially suggested the possibility of a 2015 reboot (only three years after The Dark Knight Rises) but recent rumours suggest it is more likely to be 2017 or possibly beyond. I’m sure that most Bat fans will agree that this can only be a good thing!

See what is says there... The legend ENDS!!!!

If you want to watch a Batman film so desperately, go out and buy Nolan’s trilogy on Blu-ray and watch the films again, then work your way through the exhaustive special features. If that doesn’t satisfy your desire for the masked vigilante then start a petition to have Nolan’s films put back in the cinemas where they belong. I for one will sign that petition if it comes along in 2017 or so. I’d even consider forking out for an IMAX visit.

Please don’t urge Warner Bros into rushing into a financially motivated reboot. We do not need any more Batman stories for now. A script does not need to be hastily cobbled together, just because Warner Bros want to keep milking their caped crusader cash cow. No one in their right mind would try to best Nolan’s trilogy at this point so you will be most likely getting the work of a madman.

There was eight years between Batman and Robin and Batman Begins. Eight years it took to get the right director, script and cast and to let us Bat fans come to terms with a reboot. That was after a disaster. Whatever follows The Dark Knight Rises is taking on a modern masterpiece.

Marvel only waited five years to reboot Spider-man and grosses were down and frankly the new film felt completely pointless. Man of Steel may only be arriving seven years after Superman returned but at least it has Nolan behind it and is again, following a disappointment. 

I urge Warner Bros to give The Dark Knight a rest at least until 2020. He’s earned it. Or is it just me?