Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Dark Knight Keeps Rising: 10 thoughts on the new trailer

Here's a quick breakdown as I watch the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises.  I hope no one considers these spoilers but if you aren't going to watch the new trailer then probably best to give this post a miss!

 1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is good at staring into the distance.  That's a mighty fine stare he has.

2. Why the hell didn't I make sure I saw that Bane and plane prologue in an IMAX cinema?

3.  What's going to happen to those schoolkids?  Are they on or near one of those exploding bridges?  Is this going to get all like that two ferry situation with The Joker?

4. Are we going to witness a Gotham revolution?  Are the ordinary people of Gotham going to rise up and overthrow the bankers of Wall Street?  Will Batman realise that we should be pissed off at the greedy bastards and join Bane?  That would be nice and subversive.

5. What exactly is Batman angry about?

6. I'm guessing they won't kill Batman but seriously, wouldn't that be the BEST ending EVER!?

7. These riot scenes are looking like London last Summer.  But there were less guns here and the police wear brighter clothes.

8. Am I the only one who isn't a fan of the flying Bat thing (and is it still called the Batwing)?  To be honest, I know the vehicles in this trilogy are supposed to be more realistic or military-like but does anyone else miss Keaton and West's Batmobiles?

9. How come there was only about four shots of Catwoman in this whole trailer?

10. Would it make me a bad husband to go and see this on opening night which is also the night before my wedding?  Otherwise I've got to wait until I get back from honeymoon!  Please help!

What do you all think?  Seen enough?  Can't wait! Overhyped?  Spill the beans below....