Sunday, 21 July 2013

July Movie Reviews and Round up

I'm having to wrap up July's movie watching because as of tomorrow morning I am off on holiday for a few weeks to go and explore the wonderful Thailand and some its many beautiful islands. Hopefully I'll be watching some good films on the flights but there is no way I'll be doing any blogging with the beaches calling me every day.

I've also got to make this quick as I should really be packing.

So this month I have watched:

Foxy Brown
The Deep
The World's End (Please watch out for a cameo from the train station of my hometown High Wycombe in one scene)

Runaway Train
Frances Ha

Escape (review published on Filmoria on Monday 22nd July)
Dark Skies (review published on Filmoria on Monday 29th July)

I also watched the whole of series 2 of Danish crime series Unit One which I reviewed for Filmoria.

I also wrote a piece on the career of James Wan so far as his film The Conjuring is out this month.

Dredd is the 95th film I've watched this year, not counting the other 17 films I've re-watched. I've just finished reading The Hobbit this month for the second time in my life and I must say, I only enjoyed it a little more this time. I'm now very much looking forward to seeing how Peter Jackson expands the story in The Desolation of Smaug and There and Back Again as the book did feel a little stunted particularly towards the end.

The World's End was my favourite of the month. I think I might have time to write up a quick top 10 of the year so far post if I rush before leaving! What have you watched this month?

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