Monday, 30 June 2014

Fargo TV Episode Reviews and Articles

I've been writing about the first season of Fargo over at Yahoo and What Culture. Here are all my articles for the moment, but if and when there is any news on season 2, I'll most definitely be covering it!

Will Fargo return without Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton? 

Billy Bob Thornton’s 9 Most Badass Fargo Moments

Fargo episode 1 review: Billy Bob Thornton perfect as malevolent mystery man
Fargo episode 2 review: Martin Freeman comes under suspicion
Fargo episode 3 review: Billy Bob, blackmail and a bloody shower
Fargo episode 4 review: Billy Bob Thornton brings the plague
Fargo episode 5 review: Molly closes in on murder suspects Lester and Malvo
Fargo episode 6 review: The bodies pile up as fish fall from the sky
Fargo episode 7 review: The funny side of gun crime?
Fargo episode 8 review: Did Lester and Malvo get away with murder?
Fargo episode 9 review: Malvo goes after the new and improved Lester
Fargo episode 10 review: Malvo and Lester finally face off

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