Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Trailer Demands Rewatching

I'm glad the trailer for Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation didn't self-destruct as soon as I'd finished watching it for the first time. I've now watched this trailer four or five times and each time I just can't wait for it to get to those final few seconds of Tom Cruise doing what he does best and hanging off a jet that is taking off at god knows what speed.

I'm no big fan of the first three Mission Impossible films. The first had some great (and iconic) moments, the second was completely forgettable crap and the third was ok. But the fourth film, Ghost Protocol blew my socks off. Cruise is a born entertainer and even with all his money and success, just keeps trying to up the ante, especially with this franchise. The Burj Khalifa scrambling scene was a dizzying stand out in an otherwise excellent action film.

I'm not sure if they can hold on to that magic, particularly with Brad Bird departing as director after just one outing, but from the look of this trailer, I think they may have come pretty close. The more Simon Pegg in these films the better and this jet stunt looks like another level of insanity from Tom Cruise; the guy with the most exciting job in the world.

Reading about the lengths they went to in order to get this incredible stunt done has made me even more in awe and desperate to see the sequence in full. Check out this interview with Cruise and new director Chritopher McQuarrie over at Yahoo Movies and then watch this trailer AGAIN!

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