Thursday, 3 November 2011

21 Jump Street Trailer

Not sure how fans of the original show are going to take this trailer.  Insult or update?  I only saw the Johnny Depp starring show a couple of times as a kid and remember very little about it.  Therefore this trailer made me laugh out loud.  It's got some hilarious lines and Jonah Hill is always excellent (looking forward to the upcoming Moneyball). 

The pairing of Hill and Tatum looks like comedy gold but hopefully this 3 minute trailer(!) has not completely sucked all the goodness from the film.  I've just got to make sure I avoid watching any more promotional material for the film so there's still something left to enjoy in March when it's released.  Anyone got an opinion?  Will this be funnier than Starsky and Hutch or The Other Guys?  I hope so.