Monday, 21 November 2011

Battle Games of the Brave Trailers

Three trailers that have caught my eye this week but not always for the right reasons. 

Brave (Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman, 2012)  It's got amazingly red redheads, brave warriors, big bears and stunning CGI scenery.  It looks like a nice bit of feminism (but y'know for kids) with a feisty princess voiced by Kelly Macdonald (still sounding distractingly like Diane from Trainspotting) and Billy Connolly's grand Scottish brogue used as a voiceover to kick things off.  Looks like it should have some good action, beautiful visuals and some silly but not particularly funny attempts at comedy for the under 10s.

 Battleship (Peter Berg, 2012) Liam Neeson giving another gruff grumpy performance.  This time he's a navy man up against alien spaceships that look and sound just a tad too much like Transformers for comfort.  Ho hum another day another alien invasion.  Looks like director Peter Berg has been sitting in Michael Bay's filmmaking classes with sweeping shots of naval fleets, half naked girls bent seductively over things and big ass explosions.  It's also based on a game and therefore is unlikely to be any good at all.  Shame, I like Neeson.

The Hunger Games (Gary Ross, 2012) Except for the hints at romance creeping in (we don't need another Twilight!), this adaptation of a kids (?) book looks seriously promising.  Jennifer Lawrence can be captivating (see Winter's Bone) and the 1984 / Running Man / Battle Royale vibe looks if not terribly original, at least pretty exciting.  Might have to read the book before this hits cinemas.  Like Brave, it also features another kick-ass bow-and-arrow weilding heroine. 

And just in case you missed my post on Bellflower, here's the trailer again.  IF YOU HAVE NOT WATCHED THIS YET, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND WATCH IT NOW (please)!

Any of these taking your fancy?  If not check out some real reasons to start getting psyched for 2012.

Let me know what you think of the trailers above.  Especially Bellflower.  Seriously... watch that trailer!