Wednesday, 3 April 2013

You're Next Trailer Offers a Perfect Day

The trailer for upcoming horror You're Next features the second best use of Lou Reed's Perfect Day I've ever enjoyed. The use of the song is arguably more appropriate in Trainspotting, particularly as the scene it is used in when Renton overdoses on heroin actually takes place during the day. However it seems to complement this thrilling new trailer with the same kind of irony that Lou Reed hopefully intended of the lyrics that many suggest were about his own addiction.

So the perfect day featured in the You're Next trailer looks like a family reunion rudely interrupted by animal mask wearing hunter types, intent on killing their prey. Crossbows, axes, knives and all manner of weaponry look to be doled out in an excruciating horror that may not look overly original but still seems to have plenty of gore and thrills to offer. Check out the trailer below:

It reminds me of Switchblade Romance (aka High Tension), the French film that is possibly the last film to have genuinely scared me. That opened with a family under attack from a ruthless killer in a rural, isolated setting. The animal masks also remind me of the recent episode of Black Mirror called White Bear that is one of my favourite bits of TV ever. Whether You're Next can live up to the expectations created by these comparisons will remain to be seen. It isn't out until August in the UK, despite being screened at the Toronto Film Festival in 2011. All signs look good with many critics describing it as a superior home invasion horror.

Just for fun, I though I'd post this snippet of Trainspotting that featured Lou Reed's Perfect Day accompanying Renton's descent into over dose. It's also a nice timely reminder that plans are afoot for the follw-up to Trainspotting, based on Irvine Welsh's book Porno. Let's hope Danny Boyle and the team can bottle lightning once again.

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