Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Short Story Published at Starburst Magazine

I've just had my first ever piece of original horror fiction published over at Starburst Magazine, a wonderful site full of horror, science fiction and fantasy news, reviews and features. I was doing a short story course recently and had to read this out to a class full of nice old pensioners. I edited one of the last paragraphs as I didn't want to disgust them.

It's a pretty disturbing little story about a guy and a girl, but as it came from my head; the guy is a deranged, depressed and has done something very terrible to this girl who he supposedly loves so much.

The story is called Woman on the Wind and you can read it just by clicking the link. What I found interesting is that when I read the short story to the small class of lovely elderly people, they said they felt quite sorry for the guy in it, despite what he did. Maybe I shouldn't have edited it for them and then they would have a better idea of the full horror of the story.

Whether you read it or not, please just go and check out the artwork that Starburst have done for the story. I'm just completely in love with the picture they have created for Woman on the Wind. And if you do read the story and you are aware that my wife is a red head then please do not fear for her safety. The story is not autobiographical and I do not have any intention of harming her... ever! I just like writing about red haired women because they create striking imagery in my head and hopefully the readers too!

Anyway I hope you like the story and if you do read it (should only take a minute or two) then please let me know what you think! Starburst are going to publish another of my short stories called The Day Job in the print version of the magazine and I'm hoping this might be the first step to becoming a hugely successful author! Maybe.

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