Saturday, 12 May 2012

I love That Debut: Nolan's Doodlebug

As The Dark Knight Rises draws nearer, I'm having a bit of a mini-Nolan-fest at home this week.  Lovefilm sent me Nolan's feature debut Following this week.  It's an interesting, twisty, non-linear, black and white low budget gem but not a bona-fide masterpiece.  However you can see many of Nolan's signatures germinating in his tale of a morally questionable anti-hero getting lured and manipulated into a criminal underworld beyond his control.

It's interesting to note there is a character named Cobb as in Inception. Like Memento the narrative is a bit of a puzzle that needs piecing together by the viewer.  And both Following and Inception have morally dubious protagonists and characters that delve into the minds of others.

The Dark Knight Rises will only be Nolan's eighth feature but his filmography is packed with brilliant films from Memento and Insomnia right up to his Batman trilogy.  I urge you to check out any you may have missed!

Watching Following this week and then um... following that with Inception today has reminded me of Nolan's early short film Doodlebug.  So the real reason I write today is to share it with you.  If you haven't seen it before or you just can't wait for The Dark Knight Rises to be released, then give Christopher Nolan's short film a go to tide you over.  It's got a killer ending!

What do you think of Mr Nolan?  Legendary or over-rated?  Be careful what you say, Bane's watching.