Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Curious Case of Casa de mi Padre

I just scored a couple of tickets to a preview of Casa de mi Padre (Matt Piedmont, 2012).  Will Ferrell stars in this Spanish language spoof of Latin American soap operas/telenovelas.  Yes that's right Ferrell is starring in a subtitled film.  Made for $6,000,000 and only getting a limited release, this has to be a bit of a risk in anyone's book, despite the popularity of Ferrell. 

It's not doing terribly well in the IMDb ratings or on Rotten Tomatoes but its spoofing of poor production values sounds like a lot fun in the same sense as Black Dynamite and Grindhouse were.  I can't say the trailer made me laugh or even elicit a small giggle but I like the sound of it and some of the reviews make it sound right up my street.

Total Film say:  'Revelling in the gloriously tacky excesses of telenovelas, Casa features a procession of unabashedly crappy sets dressed with fake plants, painted backdrops, stiff staging and ‘animals’ including a D-grade animatronic white cougar.'

Sounds silly but that's what a Will Ferrell film is all about!  Here is the trailer:

OK rewatching that did just make me chuckle a little bit. I guess it all depends on how much Ferrell you can tolerate.  So what say you?  Dumbest movie idea ever or risky business resulting in comedy gold?