Wednesday, 8 April 2015

John Wick Review

Sad Keanu is ex-hitman John Wick, mourning the loss of his wife whose parting gift to him was a cute little puppy. Rolling around in his beloved Mustang 69, he has the misfortune to bump into the son of a dangerous Russian gangster. Played by Alfie Allen, aka Theon from Game of Thrones, this nasty little man proceeds to take everything Wick loves, meaning Wick is forced to come out of retirement in order to get revenge.

Luckily, Wick’s skills in the hitman department have far from deserted him and he is more than happy to bring the hurt on anyone who stands in his way of getting to the man who killed his pooch. Formerly known as The Boogeyman, he’s the kind of guy who can take out three guys with just a pencil. With the firepower he now has, it doesn’t matter how many goons get thrown in his direction, Wick has a wonderful way of killing them all.

Directed by two stunt experts, Wick is action packed, stylish and blood thirsty. This is a film for people who don’t mind how slight the story is, as long as the action gets your blood pumping and the blood keeps spilling. It’s a very simply revenge tale, but it’s also well worth noting that John Wick has some really interesting (and bizarre) touches thrown into the mix.

Wick knows a lot of the people he has tasked himself with taking out. This leads to some very amusing exchanges and also makes Wick a pretty murky character himself. The world of the film is also unique with a hotel for hitmen that lives by its own rules, where all assassinations are off under the roof of this supposedly safe haven. Little touches like this make the recently announced sequel an interesting prospect, even if mostly all anyone will want to see is the brutally stylish and kinetically directed fight scenes, excitingly mixing gunplay with martial arts.

John Wick is no Matrix, but it’s certainly one of Reeves’ best since.

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