Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Box Office Report on Mad Max Fury Road and Pitch Perfect 2

It's not all an endless cycle of watch movie, review movie, watch next movie, review next movie at Cannes. Over at Tastic Film, I'm also keeping an eye on the box office at home, particularly because Mad Max Fury Road came out on Friday and it was a film that took Cannes by storm.

Surprisingly though, it hasn't done as big business as Pitch Perfect 2, the aca-sequel that seems to have got even more fans since the original film debuted in 2012.

Here is a snippet from my box office report at Tastic Film:

Mad Max Fury Road and Pitch Perfect 2 had the mother of all smackdowns at the box office this weekend, with Pitch Perfect 2 managing to crush its nearest competition with an opening weekend figure of just over $70 million. Anna Kendrick and her aca-tastic co-stars clearly managed to mobilise fans of the first film, which was a surprise success back in 2012. The lure of more energetic sing-offs than you can shake a stick at, proves once again that there is an audience for musicals, even in the age of another superhero blockbuster being released every five minutes. With a worldwide total of over $100 million, Pitch Perfect 2 will most likely end up in the top 10 biggest films of 2015.

Read more of this box office report at Tastic Film.

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