Thursday, 18 February 2016

Rattle the Cage Review

Rattle the Cage is apparently out in the UK on Friday 19 February, though how you can watch it, I'm not exactly sure. According to UK film release schedule, it is getting a 'limited release' so it should be playing somewhere. Good luck finding it though! I saw it at the London Film Festival 2015 and here is a snippet of my review:

Talal (Saleh Bakri) is behind bars in a tiny police station somewhere out in the middle of nowhere in ‘80s Arabia. There’s no further specifics given about the time or place and there’s precious little to go on about why Talal has been jailed for much of the film. However, it emerges that it had something to do with a scuffle, and while the man that Talal is imprisoned for scrapping with is released on bail quickly, Talal looks like he has a long wait on his hands.

When a man named Dabaan (Ali Suliman) enters the precinct and brutally kills the only deputy on duty, Talal becomes the victim of a psychopath whose motivations remain frustratingly vague. Trapped in his cell, Talal becomes a powerless pawn in this man’s plan.

Read the rest of my Rattle the Cage review at Starburst Magazine here.

Before you go, watch the trailer:

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