A2 Film Studies

World Cinema: Power, Poverty and Conflict: City of God, La Haine and Tsotsi 
(WJEC A2 Film Studies Exam Practice Section A)

Analysing La Haine

World Cinema: Distinctive Visual Features

World Cinema: Social and Political Context

Spectatorship and Emotional Response: American History X, This is England, United 93(WJEC A2 Film Studies Exam Practice Section B)

Creating the opportunity for emotional responses in popular films is simply to do with manipulating the audience: mainstream films don’t attempt to use emotional responses to make any more considered points. From your experience would you agree with this?

How far is the emotional response to mainstream films triggered by specific techniques used by the filmmakers?

Explore possible reasons to explain why a second or third viewing of a film can actually increase the emotional response rather than lessen it.

Would you agree that strong emotional effects areachieved in some films by the careful construction techniques and in others bythe subject matter itself?
Deconstructing American History X dinner table scene 

Deconstructing cinema: This is England

Must See Movie - American History X @ Filmoria

Single Film Study: Fight Club (WJEC A2 Film Studies Exam Practice Section C)

Using Critical Approaches to Study Fight Club

Is Fight Club a film about power and control rather than liberation?

Fight Club, Feminism and Misogyny: A2 Film Studies Exam Answer

Fight Club and the Doors of Perception

Great Actor/Director Collaborations #1 David Fincher and Brad Pitt

Fight Club Video Essay

Loving Fight Club

Why the final scene of Fight Club is my all time favourite ending
Film Song of the Day: The Pixies @ Filmoria

My Movie Influence: Fight Club @Inspired Ground


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