Sunday, 28 October 2012

Total Film Letter in the 200th Edition

After recently getting a letter into Empire magazine, this month I saw a letter published in my other favourite movie magazine, Total Film.  This is exceptionally exciting for me as it was the 200th edition of the magazine that I first bought issue number 4 while I was over in England on holiday.  I used to live in Australia and at the time I bought issue 4 with Donnie Brasco stuff and Mr Freeze on the cover because we had a long car journey visiting my sister in Wales.

Then when I moved back to England years later, I picked up Total Film again from issue 28 which had The Faculty stuff on the cover.  Since then I've never missed a copy.  So to get my first letter in is very exciting for me.

It's a shame that I had to lie.  Please don't judge me but I thought my story needed a little embellishment to give it more entertainment value and a bit of a punch line.  So the letter is all about movie locations I have visited.  All the stuff about the locations I visited while in LA is true.  However that was back in 2007 and not my honeymoon.  But I thought it would be more amusing if I said it was my honeymoon.  So that's what I did.  I feel a little ashamed but not too much.  It turns out lying does pay because I got in the magazine!  Winning!

Then again fate is chuckling at me.  As soon as I saw the letter, I was like 'sweet what DVD are they going to send me for getting in the magazine?'  Men in Black 3.  Somewhere the Gods are definitely laughing at me.  Maybe lying doesn't pay after all.

Anyway congratulations to Total Film on their 200th edition!  Keep up the great work!  I hope they can one day forgive my deceit.

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