Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I Love That Blog Post #14

Cherish these blog posts:

I Luv Cinema takes a deserved look at overlooked early Tom Hanks film The Burbs http://iluvcinema.com/2012/10/tuesdays-overlooked-film-the-burbs-1989/

Loads of movie bloggers helped out by giving their favourite office scenes in movies here http://blog.flexioffices.co.uk/the-greatest-office-movies-of-all-time/

Flixchatter has five intriguing sounding documentaries playing at the Twin Cities Film Fest http://flixchatter.net/2012/10/12/spotlight-on-five-great-documentaries-and-theyre-all-playing-at-tcff/

Cinematic Paradox turns three!  If you don’t already know this blog, get over there and change that right now!  http://www.cinematicparadox.com/2012/10/cinematic-paradox-turns-three.html

Cinematic Paradox AGAIN with some hilarious edited posters of films with their titles changed http://www.cinematicparadox.com/2012/10/if-movie-titles-laid-everything-out-for.html

Very interesting piece on what Bond learned from Batman at The Movie Blog http://them0vieblog.com/2012/10/26/what-bond-learned-from-batman-the-dark-knight-skyfall/

Horror special of I Love That Blog Post coming soon!

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