Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Evil Dead Remake Looks Sick

Check out the brand new red-band trailer for the Evil Dead remake.  Anyone who has seen the original film will know why it is hailed as a video nasty classic but personally I find it a little too cheap and nasty.  The sequel on the other hand is a comedy horror masterpiece.  So it is with a little regret and shame that I have to admit that this is a remake that I actually don't mind at all.

While these glossy horror remakes from the likes of Platinum Dunes usually make me nauseous with their smoking hot cast of teens that look as if they are airbrushed in every shot, this trailer is so bloody nasty that the slightly sexy looking cast can be forgiven. 

Be warned this is extremely violent, brutal stuff and for fans of extreme horror, looks like a bloody fun night at the cinema.  Who said Cabin in the Woods was the final word in horror movies?

What do you reckon?  A remake worth getting excited for or what?

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