Friday, 8 February 2013

Teaching Children Good Communication

This has nothing to do with films but I just joined the Yahoo Contributor Network and have had my first article pulished on it today. The article is about teaching children to speak properly in class rooms and not allowing them to use their street slang speak at inappropriate times.

The Yahoo Contributor Network looks like a really fun thing to get involved with and looks like it might actually pay for articles being published. I only just joined and they sent out a call for articles based around the idea of children in schools needing to be taught the correct ways of speaking so they would have better employment prospects in the future.

As I'm a teacher and I always have to put up with kids strolling into my class and saying 'WhaGwan?' and saying 'safe' to me instead of thanks, I get a little frustrated with it. It's not like we're living in an Attack the Block kind of hood where the kids walk in 'tooled up' so I don't know where they get the idea that this language is acceptable in the classroom. I don't even know where they hear this language unless it's just films and TV?

Anyway I wrioe this article and I hope it doesn't make me sound like a total snob but I just want kids to be able to know the difference between when they can and should use slang and when they need to speak a bit more formally.

Click on the title of the article below to be magically transported there:

Why there is ‘nowt’ wrong with teaching children to speak proper English

I do hope you enjoy it and don't think I sound like a total snob. Your comments are always welcome either here or there or anywhere you like. I'd loved to hear your opinion on the matter!

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