Thursday, 30 May 2013

Everybody Has a Plan Review @Static Mass

Written and directed by Ana Piterbarg, Everybody Has A Plan deals with changing who you are and the morality of hiding your real identity. Please check out my full review of the Spanish neo-noir Everybody Has a Plan at Static Mass Emporium.

Writer and director Ana Piterbarg’s film deals with the potential of changing who you are, the complexities of becoming something you are not and the morality of hiding your real identity. To anyone who has wanted to change their life, leaving everything they have ever known behind, this is a cautionary tale. Before you decide to pack your bags and walk out on a life, think of the consequences for not only yourself but those around you. If like me you’ve ever wondered about the different paths your life could’ve taken if you had made some different choices, let this be a warning to you; things could be far worse.

Viggo Mortensen takes a dual role as both identical twins Pedro and Augustine. Mortensen excels in each role; his Spanish completely convincing and both brothers being believable creations.

The rest of the review is at Static Mass Emporium. If you've ever fancied watching Viggo Mortensen speaking fluent Spanish, then this might be the one for you!  Here is the trailer:

Listen out for me reviewing this on Amazing Radio tomorrow (Fri 31st May 2013) soon after midday.

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