Thursday, 2 May 2013

Stark Trek Into Darkness vs Man of Steel

I like to taunt movie fans occasionally with a painful question. If you could only see one summer blockbuster at the cinema out of Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel, which one would it be?

Last Summer, I posed the same question about Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises and then I followed it up with a JGL vs JGL post with Looper taking on Premium Rush. Looper trashed Premium Rush but Prometheus and the Dark Knight came out pretty even.

I'm always fascinated to see what is making people tick and what is likely to draw the biggest crowds in my spectacularly unscientific polls. I'm particularly curious with films like these that have such a massive in-built fan base that they never really stand a chance of failing. Despite the negativity about Superman Returns, it still made a tidy profit and the Star Trek series plodded along nicely for ages!

Man of Steel looks to be on much more solid ground with Christopher Nolan involved and Zack Snyder directing. Warners will be hoping to hell this one works so they can get on with a Justice League movie and setting that up in a series of Marvel competing stand-alones. Superman has his legions of fans but a re-invention is always vaguely risky. However all signs look good for this to take a slightly more grounded approach to the franchise with Henry Cavill not wearing underpants on the outside and Michael Shannon on villain duties as General Zod. Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner as dual Daddies won't hurt either.

Star Trek on the other hand has the dedicated Trekkies plus a whole new generation of fans (myself included) who were sucked in by the gripping tractor beam of J.J. Abram's exceptional reboot. The trailers have been spectacular but the handling of the characters with the excellent new cast plus the addition of Benedict (everybody loves) Cumberbatch promise that this will be brilliant. Early reviews are looking extremely promising!

So my question to you is: if you could only see Star Trek Into Darkness or Man of Steel in the cinema this summer, which one would it be?

Man of Steel brand new TV spot

And full trailer

And Star Trek Into Darkness trailer

Watch the trailers again. Think carefully. This is a big decision. Which one will it be? Star Trek or Mr Superman? Klingon or Kal-El?  The choice is yours!

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