Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Game of Thrones Hit List

I've just started Game of Thrones series 2 last night and in amongst all the incest, preparing for war and baby dragons are some absolutely horrendous characters. I don't mean poorly written, I mean despicable, seemingly irredeemable scum of the earth types. As I'm watching, I'm finding myself making mental notes of who I want to die and even how I'd like to see them bite the dust.

It's starting to seem like most of the characters are involved with incest in some way; fathers marrying daughters, mothers breast feeding their children for way too long, brothers shagging sisters. I'm surprised they haven't all got four eyes or six legs at this rate.

While there are a few characters who I still like and look forward to seeing them take their revenge on others, they are few and far between and the last series dispatched many of my favourites. Series 2 is introducing even more characters and settings into the mix but it is great to get beyond the wall and to see a growing potential for a massive, massive war brewing.

Anyway, since the very first scene of this series I have been making my very own hit list. Sometimes in films and TV the villains are so interesting and so essential to the story and the ongoing conflict that you don't want them to die because that would spoil everything. In Game of Thrones, these three characters are all essential and interesting but they are also so unbelievably vile that I just can't wait to see them get what's coming to them. Though the show would be sadly lacking without them, I still wish them dead sooner rather than later.

Joffrey Baratheon

This little puke is number one. A case of perfect casting, the second I first saw this kid, I wanted to hurt him. Then as the series has progressed, my thirst for blood has reached critical levels. After what he did to Ned Stark and just about everything he ever does, I cannot wait to see Joffrey get what he deserves. Ideally this should be a very slow and painful death and by then I hope he is sure about who his real father is just to add to the mental torture!

Cersei Lannister

I blame her for everything. There is clearly a theme here with two evil Lannister pigs making this list so far. She spawned the vile Joffrey, physically and mentally making him who he is today and he is top of my hit list, so after taking care of him, I'd move on to his hideous mother. She's a scheming, unsympathetic monster and again, I blame her for what happened to my mate Ned Stark. Again, she can suffer plenty before her death, perhaps having her beloved Jaime strung up before her first.

Lord Petyr Baelish (aka Littlefinger)

A new addition to my hit list, Littlefinger should have been a target since the beginning seeing as he is a despicable pimp and was always bound to betray Ned Stark.Still, I had hoped that Baelish would prove to be a noble character despite his abysmal treatment of women but then he went and stabbed Stark in the back. That wasn't the last straw for me however. In the most recent episode I watched, one of his whores was crying over the death of a child and I thought Baelish might be comforting her. He then said the most evil and unspeakable threat to her I'd ever heard. I should have known not to trust him. Pimps are clearly the scum of the earth and Littlefinger is no exception.

Anyway I'm getting a bit wound up by all the constant incest, misery and despicable behaviour in Game of Thrones. The writer must have a seriously warped mind to come up with this kind of stuff but it still has me gripped so fair play to him for making such a rich and believable world.

I must add that without the brilliant performances of all three actors, these villains would not be half as effective and also I would never really advocate killing anyone ok? So now it's your turn... who's on your Game of Thrones Hit List?

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