Thursday, 26 September 2013

Need for Speed trailer stars post Breaking Bad Aaron Paul

Speeding ahead of Fast and Furious 7 and into cinemas next year is video game adaptation Need for Speed starring Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul. Just in case you thought the Fast and Furious movies were getting over blown and overly dramatic, the trailer for Need for Speed has operatic music, epic long shots and seemingly words spoken like a psalm or biblical quotation. Only thing missing is Jesse Pinkman's trademark 'Bitch' at the end.

So it's a video game adaptation and its got lots of cars racing around. So far so uninteresting. However the presence of Aaron Paul in another haunted role adds the promise of plenty of emoting in amongst the screeching tyres and explosive stunts. Most promising of all it looks refreshingly free from dodgy effects so hopefully the producers of this carnage have found a need to keep it real.

It will be interesting to see if Need for Speed can become as big a franchise as the Fast and Furious series. I was expecting very little before seeing this trailer but now I've seen Paul in action and some pretty tasty looking street scenes, things are definitely looking up. The voiceover might be teetering dangerously close to laughably over dramatic but I think Paul may have the chops to make us care for this character even as everything (hopefully) explodes around him. And I have to say I am a sucker for anything that has helicopters against cars...

Check out the trailer:

What do you reckon? Pole position or back of the pack?

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