Saturday, 21 September 2013

Upcoming Screenings: Sunshine on Leith, Filth, How I Live Now

This week is looking a bit hectic with one premiere to attend and two preview screenings. First up on Monday I am going to interview the stars and director of Sunshine On Leith, Dexter Fletcher's new film. Then on Tuesday it's James McAvoy starring dirty cop black comedy Filth and finally on Wednesday, I'm going to a free student screening of How I Live Now from director Kevin MacDonald and starring Saoirse Ronan.

The cast in attendance at the Sunshine on Leith premiere will include Jane Horrocks, Freya Mavor, Kevin Guthrie, George Mackay, Antonia Thomas and apparently special guests The Proclaimers will also be there along with director Dexter Fletcher. Booooo no Peter Mullan though. I'll be standing in the press pen interviewing the attendees for Tastic Film so hopefully you will be able to see the videos up on the Tastic Film YouTube channel soon after. 

If this film is even half as good as Fletcher's directorial debut Wild Bill, I'll be very pleased!

Here is the trailer for Sunshine on Leith:

Then on Tuesday it's off to see the adaptation of Irvine Welsh's horrible novel Filth starring James McAvoy as a despicable copper with a tapeworm and highly dubious morals. I hated the book (from the same author as Trainspotting) but the trailer makes this look like it might actually be a bit of guilty, sick and twisted fun!

Then finally it's a young adult adaptation from awesome director Kevin MacDonald that sounds much darker than your average Twilight, Mortal Instruments or any other number of fantasy adaptations for teens. Stick with the trailer past the first 40 seconds of sunshine and laughing. When war breaks out in our recognisable reality this looks like it should get far more exciting than a bunch of CG supernatural creatures flying about the place!

Any of these take your fancy?

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