Friday, 6 September 2013

Short Story Published at Starburst Magazine: Living for the Weekend

A while back I had my first piece of fiction published by Starburst Magazine, a nasty little story called Woman on the Wind and now I have just had my second short story published, a slightly less nasty Living for the Weekend.

This is the story of a guy who learns to time travel just through some gift he has and being able to use the power of his mind to wish those dull and boring hours away. He is a bit of a selfish asshole; hooked on drugs, bored with life and permanently wishing it was the weekend.

I wrote it all in one sitting in a couple of hours and I think the pace of the story reflects my desire to get it written quickly. I wanted it to start at a bit of a breathless pace to reflect the youth and energy of the character but then I wanted it to quicken even more to show just how fast time flies if you are wishing everyday away. I hope this comes across and that also if you start to read it, you will find you have to finish it! It only takes a few minutes to read so what are you waiting for? Go read Living for the Weekend!

I saw it as a cross between the British film Human Traffic which is all about people getting off their faces on ecstasy and coke at the weekends and The Time Traveller's Wife which is a romantic and tragic book that I absolutely loved every second of reading. My wife then read Living for the Weekend and said it reminded her of Click, the Adam Sandler film. Either way I'm happy. It might not be original but I'm happy with the way it came out. It could be better I'm sure but I'm just very pleased to have it published. I hope one day somebody will read it and demand to turn it into a short film. I'd love to see that!

Let me know what you think if you read it! Here's that link one more time: Living for the Weekend

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