Monday, 2 September 2013

Mark Kermode introduces... ME!

Over the last six months I've been reviewing movies on a local radio station called Marlow FM. Every Friday I either make an mp3 recording or head down to the studio and talk about all the new releases heading into cinemas. If I make a recording, the hosts of the show play it on air but if I go down to the studio, I actually get to converse with Serena and Lilley who host the two hour Friday evening show 'What's on at the Weekend?'
I even got to co-host the whole two hour show once with Serena when Lilley was away and on September the 20th, I'll be co-hosting with Lilley as Serena is away. It is great experience for me and complements the pretty frequent radio appearances I make on Amazing Radio with Ruth Barnes.

Anyway the real reason for writing about this today is that while I was away gallivanting around Thailand, Serena and Lilley got to go to the Larmer Tree Festival and meet very famous and well respected film critic Mark Kermode. Not only that but they did a 20 minute interview with him and got him to record a (I'm not sure what you call it) sting. So now before I come on and talk about what movies are out at the weekend, Mark Kermode's voice can be heard telling listeners that they are listening to 'What's on at the Weekend?' with Serena and Lilley!

OK so I haven't actually met Kermode and he's not actually introducing me personally but still this is pretty cool right? You never know, one day he might listen in to hear the little sting he made and then stick around to hear my mini-reviews and then perhaps he might just take early retirement and tell me to take over all his duties. It's not impossible surely.

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