Monday, 17 March 2014

Shane Meadows talks This is England 90 at Svengali Premiere

This is England 90 can't come soon enough and though there hasn't been much word on it recently, Shane Meadows has answered some questions on the upcoming series while attending the premiere of new film Svengali starring Vicky McClure.

He assures us that This is England the saga is (definitely, hopefully) going to 'go out with a bang' so it sounds like this one will be the last for sure. He also recently told the BBC recently that "The stories that we've got lined up for this one I think could top it all... there'll be a lot of births, deaths and marriages".

Watch the video of director Shane Meadows talking to Red Carpet News TV about This is England 90 below:

I cannot wait to see how it all ends for Shaun, Milky, Combo, Woody, Lol and the rest of the This is England gang. The above video may not tell us much but it does suggest that filming might begin at the tail end of this year and that can only be a very positive step in the right direction.

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