Thursday, 6 March 2014

Technology news and opinions: Nintendo, Google Glass and Netflix

Apart from writing for Yahoo on TV shows and film franchises, I also write for them about technology issues, news and opinions. Here are links to some of my recent articles on subjects that range from time shifted TV viewing to Google Glass:

The repercussions of increased time-shifted TV viewing
As a recent convert to time-shifted TV viewing and recording technology, I have found that that my viewing habits have drastically changed. But what will be the repercussions?
Why I hope Nintendo never quits making consoles
With Nintendo currently making loses year after year and ignoring calls to go into mobile game development, the future of the company looks uncertain. However, I hope that Nintendo will find a way out of the hole they are in and get back on top in gaming.
Interviewing Ralph Fiennes with Google Glass is a success
After having my first experience with Google Glass this week I am convinced that everyone will be wearing this gadget within the next few years. On Monday night, I interviewed the stars of a new film on the red carpet in London, all videoed on Glass.
Netflix needs more films, not three tier pricing structure
Netflix might be moving towards a three tier pricing plan, offering a cheaper option to those with no desire for HD or dual streaming capabilities. The cheaper pricing plan will not get me back on Netflix as my main concern is the selection of films.
Should Google Glass be banned from cinemas?
As a major film fanatic, and someone who would resist watching pirated material even if you paid me, I would hate to think that more people will be making poor quality copies of films from wearing their Google Glass specs in cinemas.

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