Saturday, 8 March 2014

Upcoming screenings: The Zero Theorem, Starred Up, Locke

I've got three screenings lined up for this week and they are an exciting bunch; The Zero Theorem, Starred Up and Locke. First is Terry Gilliam's The Zero Theorem. This is dystopian sci-fi from the guy who brought us Brazil and 12 Monkeys so promises to be at the very least interesting. It also stars Christoph Waltz (which guarantees a little awesomeness), Matt Damon, Tilda Swinton, Ben Whishaw, David Thewlis and Rupert Friend. It looks from the trailer like it could be weird but potentially wonderful.

Next is British prison drama Starred Up from director David Mackenzie and starring Jack O'Connell who is destined to be a big star soon. I've been watching him since his minor role in This is England through to bigger roles in the likes of Tower Block, The Liability, Harry Brown and Eden Lake. Starred Up looks like a brutal story about a violent young offender who is moved in to big boys prison. It also stars Rupert Friend (again) and the excellent Ben Mendelsohn.

Last but not least is Locke starring Tom Hardy in a car making a series of phone calls. Sounds like this could be one of those really interesting minimalist bits of cinema where the star is stuck in one location and has to entertain us with the strength of their performance and clever little story. I have soft spot for things like 127 Hours, Phone Booth and Buried so I hope this will be tense and terrific.

Any of these trailers float your boat?

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