Wednesday, 30 April 2014

The day I met new Star Wars star John Boyega

After the announcement that John Boyega is going to be a central character in Star Wars: Episode VII, it has taken me a whole day to realise/remember that I met Boyega at an Attack the Block screening and Q&A back in 2011. I chatted to him outside the screening and got some photos and I even remember saying to him and Alex Esmail that they were going to be big, big stars after this film. Obviously I had no idea how big Boyega is about to get!

I couldn't believe Attack the Block was not a massive hit so I'm pleased that at least Boyega is now going to be a mega-star in one of the biggest films of all time! Check out my pics:

Boyega on stage left

Boyega takes pics of his cast mates

Boyega and cast mates

Edgar Wright was also there!

Wish I'd had the guts to get a photo with him!

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