Sunday, 26 February 2012

Oscar Odds

I'm not a betting man but I've always wanted to make (or more likely lose) some money by gambling on the Academy Awards winners.  I've just had a look on the Paddy Power betting website and though I find all this stuff about odds a bit confusing, there looks like there could be a chance to make a bit of cash.

Here's what I would put some money on if I was a betting kind of guy.

Best Picture: The Descendants is 12/1, Hugo is 25/1.  If you have any doubts about The Artist, either of these could be worth a putting a pound on.

Best Director:  Payne and Malick at 25/1.  Hazanavicius is the favourite again.

Best Actress:  Davis and Streep the favourites.  Could put a pound on Rooney Mara at 66/1 but only if you can afford to lose that pound!

Best Actor:  Clooney and Dujardin clear favourites.  I'd put a pound on Oldman at 20/1.

Best Supporting Actress: Spencer the favourite.  I'd put a pound on both Bejo (9/1) and Chastain (25/1).

Best Supporting Actor: I'd wager a pound on Von Sydow at 20/1.  Plummer's the favourite.

Best Original Screenplay: Favourites are Midnight in Paris and The Artist and I wouldn't waste a pound on any of the others in a million years.

Best Adapted Screenplay: My money would be all over Moneyball for this with odds of 11/2.   I'd really consider putting money on this one.  The Descendants is the favourite.

Best Animated Feature: Rango the favourite.  I wouldn't waste any money betting on the others.

Best Cinematography: Lubezki is the clear favourite for The Tree of Life but I'd put a quid on Robert Richardson for Hugo with odds of 2/1.

So if I was a betting man I'd divide up a tenner on some of these and see if I came away a rich man or a silly sod who just lost his lunch money for the week.  Anyone fancy these odds?

DISCLAIMER: Gambling is addictive, just look at how many betting shops are springing up in high streets all over the country!  Whatever you do, don't listen to me or ever gamble!  It will be your ruin!